What makes us different than any other WordPress web hosting solution? With WeWPHost you get DEDICATED resources and UNLIMITED scalability! In a sense this makes our WordPress hosting a VIP solution, similar to WordPress’ very own VIP hosting service.

Our VIP WordPress hosting is tailored to fit the needs of businesses, both small and large, who rely on WordPress to manage their website presence. But unlike other WordPress VIP hosting solutions, which can cost as much as $2500/mo, our WordPress Cloud Hosting solution is much more affordable.

Why Do You Need Our Cloud Hosting For Your WordPress Site?

WordPress is a large web application which requires a lot of resources and a large database to function properly. Without the proper resources your WordPress website could run slow, inefficiently, and ultimately be a poor representation of your business!

Our Cloud WordPress Hosting provides the dedicated resources you need to efficiently run your WordPress website. And, we provide a variety of dedicated hosting plans so that you can start small and scale your WordPress website as you grow.

Don’t Fall For Cheap WordPress Hosting

By now you’ve probably seen other companies offering WordPress hosting for a few bucks a month. The fact of the matter is, you get what you pay for with cheap hosting!

The way cheap hosting works is they build one server and pack as many websites on that server as they possibly can. This means limited resources are shared among a large number of websites. None of these resources are dedicated to your website, so basically you get to use it when its not being used by someone else!

Think about this: Would you share a business phone number with 100’s of other businesses, meaning you can only use it when someone else isn’t?

Our WordPress Hosting Approach with Dedicated Resources

Rather than having you share hosting resources with thousands of other businesses, we provide dedicated resources through a cloud hosting structure. We’ve setup and optimized multiple servers, each with their own specific task; such as delivering content to the screen, storing your website files, and housing your database to name a few.

We then took this one step further by duplicating these servers and connecting multiple servers in parallel to handle elastic loads. This means that during low times, your website might only need one server, while at high traffic times it may run on multiple servers.

This approach allows us to provide dedicated resources and unlimited scalability.